Historic Core Zone

Historic Core Zone: must watch video

After the consultations on the first stage of the Historic Core Zone last month, here’s a video report on a shared streets scheme that has been completed in Poynton, Cheshire. This is a small town of 15,000 people that has the A523 Macclesfield to Stockport road going straight through the middle. Total number of vehicles a day is 26,000 (BoA bridge gets up to 20,000) BUT that includes a substantial number of massive HGVs.

It’s worth watching in detail, as it deals with many of the doubts and questions that some people have had in BoA. Bear in mind that this is a shared streets scheme which removes all kerbs etc. The Historic Core Zone is slightly different in that many kerbs are retained, except on the tables carrying the crossings.

In December 2011, the city rebuilt the intersection of Chester Road/Park Lane and London Road, creating the first “Double Rundle” for a high traffic intersection. Similar to a roundabout, the new intersection reduces the four-lane approaches to two lanes, allowing pedestrians to cross quickly, and safely allowing the elimination of traffic signals. Multiple coloured and textured cobbles separate traffic from pedestrian areas, but it functions as a shared space, allowing pedestrians to cross anywhere that feels safe. Apparently, businesses have seen increased foot traffic, and congestion has been considerably lessened. The total cost was £4m, comparable to traditional road repairs which were needed (Wikipedia).

The film shown here was made by Martin Cassini, an award-winning TV producer who has been campaigning for a number of years through ‘Equality Streets’. We are grateful to him for allowing us to embed the film.