Town Road Closures

Please find below details of planned road closures in the town:

Market Street, BOA – Current until 23rd March (possibly needs to be extended to 6th of April due to the amount of work uncovered) 6:30pm until midnight.

Market Street, BOA – 07/04/14 for 1 month 24hr Road Closure. On both of the Market Street Closures I have insisted that Church Street remains fully accessable to encourage trade/parking.

Holt Road, BOA – 03/03/14 until 28/03/14. Restricted daytime closure 0900-1500hrs. Drainage works.

Holt Road, BOA – 29/05/14 until 03/06/14. WC Resurfacing. Closure 1900-midnight.

Coppice Hill, BOA – 13/04/14 until 16/04/14. Wessex Water sewer works. 24hr Closure.

St Margarets Place, BOA – 12/05/14 until 16/05/14. Wessex Water sewer repairs. 24hr Closure.

Ashley Close, BOA – 21/05/14 for one day. WC resurfacing.

B3107 through Holt – 14th – 20th May. WC Resurfacing. 0930-1500hrs

B3109 Braford Leigh to South Wraxall – 12th May for one day. WC carriageway patching. Timings TBC.

Please note that there is an intereactive map on Wiltshire Council website which shows planned roadworks. Please visit here –

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