Could You Be A Community Emergency Volunteer?

Could You Be A Community Emergency Volunteer?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and to consider whether you wish to become a Community Emergency Volunteer.

Community Emergency Volunteers are an exciting initiative to improve the resilience of our community to manmade and natural emergencies. The CEVs will become a valuable link between the emergency 1stand 2nd responders (e.g. Police, Fire, Ambulance, Local Government, and Utilities) and the local community at times of greatest need.

We are not a rescue service and we have no executive powers over and above ordinary members of the public. Instead the CEVs are there to provide additional ‘Boots on the Ground’ to free up the professionals to do what they do best. The role of the CEVs are broadly as follows:

  • To help the local community plan and prepare to better cope with potential civil emergencies before they happen.
  • To assist the local community and emergency services during times of civil emergencies within the limits of our training and equipment.
  • To provide a reassuring local presence to the General Public and be the eyes and ears for the emergency services during civil emergency events
  • To be responsible for and implement the Bradford on Avon Emergency Plan

To this end BoA TC in partnership with Wiltshire Council and other agencies are committed to providing a basic level of support, training and equipment to allow the CEVs to undertake these roles.

If you are interested in becoming a CEV please fill in the Blank Sign Up Form and either email or drop it off at the Bradford on Avon Town Council offices at St Margarets Hall. We will have an induction meeting early in the new year at which we will invite those who have responded initially to explain further what is involved after which if you wish to commit to the scheme we would ask you to sign the Volunteer Commitment Form.
All these forms can be picked up at the Town Council offices or downloaded off the website – Please take time to read and consider all three of these forms and we hope to see you at the induction meeting in the new year.