Heritage Open Days

Certainly one of the most often photographed parts of Bradford on Avon is the old Town Bridge. The bridge was erected in the 13th century and two of its arches survive from that time. In the 17th century the bridge was widened, and at that time the distinctive lock-up was added onto its side.  On Heritage Open Days it is visited by hundreds of people who enjoy the experience of entering the ancient lock-up cells and seeing the ancient fittings including the long-drops into the river below. The lock-up is surmounted by a brass gudgeon wind vane, which gives rise to the local saying that prisoners are ‘Under the fish and over the water’.
The Lock-up will be open as part of the Heritage Open Days on the following days and times:

  • Thursday 10 September: 1100 – Official Opening
  • Friday 11 September: 1000-1600
  • Saturday 12 September: 1000-1600
  • Sunday 13 September: 1000-1600
More details can be found at here.