Let’s get this town brewing again

Flower and Produce Show sends out home brew rallying cry
Some of Bradford on Avon’s finest buildings were once breweries, yet today it’s hard to find a home brewer willing to enter the town Flower and Produce Show. But now the show’s committee is calling for a home brew beer and cider revolution.
The committee’s concerns come after pitifully few entries were received in last year’s home brewed beer and cider categories.
“We’re frankly concerned about this state of affairs,” said town mayor John Potter. ‘Bradford on Avon used to be swimming in breweries but now we struggle to find a single home brewer entering the Flower Show. What’s going on? I find it quite upsetting and so do other members of the committee.
“However, instead of despairing over this state of affairs, we are sending out a rallying call to all would-be home brewers. Let’s get this town brewing again!”
This year’s Flower and Produce Show will be held on Sunday 13 September, giving home brewers plenty of time to begin brewing their own beer or cider and perfecting their recipes. Those who prefer wine can enter several homemade wine categories in the show.
In this era of fashionable craft beers and microbreweries, the Flower and Produce Show is an opportunity to prove that Bradford on Avon has still got what it takes to produce its own quality brew.
“Can it really be true that no one in our town appreciates the value of home brewed beer and cider?” asked Mr Potter. “Please join us in calling for a new brewing culture in Bradford on Avon. Here on the Flower and Produce Committee we will certainly be drinking to that.”
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For more information on the Flower and Produce Show please contact Nicky Reynolds on 07903 533550 or nicola.jr@icloud.com