Colonel William Llewellen Palmer Educational Charity

The Colonel William Llewellen Palmer Educational Charity is now inviting applications for funding to help schools, groups and individuals in Bradford on Avon. 
If you have a project that meets any of the following criteria you are eligible to apply:
1.     To promote the education of children and young people attending schools maintained by the Local Education Authority in Bradford on Avon and grant-maintained schools in Bradford on Avon.
2.     To promote the education of children and young people under the age of 25 who have attended schools or are resident in Bradford on Avon and need financial assistance.
3.     To provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for the recreation and other leisure time occupation of the children and young people of Bradford on Avon.
Generally awards are not normally approved where provision or suitable alternative provision is available from public funds.  This includes school/college fees and transport costs.
How to Apply
Application forms are now available from Wiltshire Council’s website at
If you would like one sent to you please email:
All applications need to be completed and returned with supporting paperwork by Friday 30 September 2015.
Applications will be considered in October and applicants will be notified by the end of October.
It is important to note that the Charity’s funds are limited and even if your application meets the terms of the Trust there is no guarantee that an award will be approved.  Applicants should also bear in mind that the first priority for the Trust is the maintenance of the Sladesbrook Recreation Ground and Allotments – if any urgent work is required, as has happened in the past, it will reduce the total funding available for beneficiaries.