Wiltshire Council Phone Number update

With effect from 12 February, the following Wiltshire Council phone numbers will be removed from circulation. These are numbers that were previously used as switchboard numbers in individual locations but are no longer required.

The numbers are:
01225 713000 – The old County Hall switchboard number
01249 706111 – The old North Wilts switchboard number
01722 336272 – The old Salisbury switchboard number

All of these numbers are no longer corporately published and have been diverted to our main 0300 456 0100 number for some time.

Switching them off will save the organisation money on unnecessary line rentals and diverts. For a period of three months, anyone calling these numbers will get a message advising them to ring the main 0300 number.

There are a range of key service numbers and emails available on the contact page of our website, in order to help you access our services direct. http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/contact

If you are unable to find the service you want, you can ring customer services on 0300 456 0100 or email customerservices@wiltshire.gov.uk and they will help to put you in touch with the right person or team.