Road Rally Event Comes to Bradford on Avon

The Town Council is delighted to announce that at a recent Recreation Committee meeting it was agreed to stage a Road Rally Weekend in October which will see drivers test their navigation skills through the town’s steep and winding roads. Following on from the successful Cycling Weekend and working in conjunction with the Brand Positioning working group the Town Council sees the town as the ‘Perfect Setting’ for a race track.

An application has already been submitted to Wiltshire Council to ask for a late night entertainment license which will enable cars to race through the town til 2am and the Town Council wishes to seek the opinions of residents on proposed routes and whether or not a separate 24 hour endurance race should be included.

It is hoped to include a river jump and there are already plans for a ‘surprise celebrity’ to attempt to break a world record of most cars cleared in an electric car in Station Car Park.

Plans are underway to include camping, fun rides and opportunities for everyone to take a spin in the latest top of the range cars.

The Town Council will be offering all Bradford on Avon residents free tickets.

To have your say on the proposed routes please visit