As you may have heard from the recent news, the Bradford on Avon Town Bridge was hit by a vehicle and considerable damage was caused. This is temporarily being protected by some scaffolding that has been erected but requires urgent repair works.
Unfortunately from Monday 10th of October for 3 weeks, Market Street in Bradford on Avon will also be closed due to urgent repair works that are required to the bulging retaining wall adjacent to the higher section of no waiting zone. This will require a diversion route along Mount Pleasant, Springfields then down Silver Street. The development works on the Springfields Junction with Holt Road will be suspended and a temporary roundabout in place to allow free-flow of traffic during the Market Street Closure.
The works for the Town Bridge require 2 weeks of work under two-way lights and will need to start on October 24th. This will mean that the first week will be during the school half-term, when we hope to have less traffic. The second week will be when Market Street is back open.
Having such works in close proximity is something that we aim to avoid, but due to the urgent and safety related nature of the works being carried out it is unavoidable in this instance. We understand that these works will be disruptive, but will be working with various stakeholders to ensure that traffic that usually passes through Bradford considers taking an alternative route, whilst making sure that visitors to the Town know that business is open as usual.
Adrian Weissenbruch
Network Management Officer
Traffic and Network Management
Wiltshire Council