Bradford on Avon Town Council is a ‘parish authority’ for the town of Bradford on Avon.

The Town Council is made up of 12 Councillors who meet at regular Committee and Full Council Meetings to make decisions on the work and direction of Council Officers.

We welcome members of the community to attend Council Meetings and provide time at the beginning of each session for matters to be raised by the public. If you would like to speak for up to 5 minutes let us know ahead of time or upon arrival, with any supporting documents submitted to us beforehand. Contact us to find out more.

Previous meeting minutes and upcoming agendas can be viewed and downloaded via our Meetings page.

To find out more about the role and duties of the Mayor of Bradford on Avon visit:

We publish updates on our latest projects, policy, events and much more on our News Page, social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and in our quarterly printed newsletter which is delivered to BA15 1&2 households.

Annual Report

For more info about what the council has achieved please see our draft 2019-20 Annual Report

What do we do:

  • Maintain parks and open spaces that we own
  • Provide community support to groups and charities
  • Provide community grants
  • Lead community projects
  • Work with other Council authorities and volunteer groups in the area to help keep Bradford on Avon clean and tidy
  • Partner with local organisations to host events for the town to enjoy
  • Work with local businesses to improve regeneration and economic growth in the town
  • Make recommendations to the local planning authority as a voice of the people of Bradford on Avon
  • Lead and support projects promoting the wellbeing of Bradford on Avon residents
  • Work towards making Bradford on Avon an independent and more environmentally sustainable town
  • Provide information to members of the public

What we look after in your town

Find out what the Town Council is responsible for in Bradford on Avon