21st May 2021

BoA Unlocked postponed

Statement from the Natural Theatre Company:

We have taken the difficult decision to postpone Sunday’s event until early July. We hope to find a new date very shortly.
We will invite all volunteers and participants to bring this fabulous project back to life in a month or so, when we hope that some COVID restrictions will be lessened and the weather will have improved!
The decision has been taken because the weather forecast is a very bad combination of rain, wind and cold. It is the experience of the Natural Theatre company, that whilst any of those weather issues can be workable, the combination of the three will drive audiences away, make performance hard and make the event less joyous! And we certainly want this to be joyous!
We also have to consider that public fighting inclement weather may be less attentive to the important COVID restrictions.
Further details about the new date will be published here and on social media shortly. Follow https://www.facebook.com/BoAUnlocked for updates.