8th April 2021

Counting down to COP26

Today at the town’s market in the Library car park, Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon have been helping to raise awareness about COP26, with a fantastic countdown clock made by one of their members Chrissie Aslett (pictured).

“The Climate and Ecological Emergency is the greatest challenge facing our world. In November of this year the UN Climate Conference (COP 26) takes place in Glasgow, the core purpose of the conference is to review the Paris Agreement from 2015….”

explained Chrissie, continuing…

“Over the last 6 years, science is telling us that the governments of the world are not on track to reduce carbon emissions to a level that will prevent irrevocable harm to our planet. Using our ‘COP Clock’ (because we are running out of time) we are reaching to our community to make them more aware about the crucial COP conference.
We are also trying to engage people so that they are aware that there are things that we can all do as individuals; lifestyle change and engagement with local groups to ask those attending the conference to act like the emergency that this is.”

The Town Council has declared both Climate and Ecological Emergencies, and are also raising awareness about this important event via our website’s own ‘countdown clock’ on our dedicated Climate and Ecological Emergency pages: https://bradfordonavontowncouncil.gov.uk/climate-ecological-emergencies/

The page also shows a regularly updated graph mapping the current levels of CO2 in our atmosphere, which have risen dramatically in the last few decades.

COP26 is the UN’s Climate Change Conference which Glasgow is hosting between 1st & 12th November 2021. To find out more visit: https://ukcop26.org

Photos Lydia Booth Photography