3rd July 2017

Did you know that Town Council meetings are open to the public?

 Attendance of Members of Public at meetings of Bradford on Avon Town Council

All meetings are open to the public unless their presence is prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted or for other special reasons.

At the Chair’s discretion, individual members of the public shall be provided with opportunity to speak for not more than 5 minutes each prior to the commencement of any meeting, including committee meetings, subject to;

  • A request made to the Clerk of that meeting to do so (which may be via email in advance, or ahead of the published start time of that meeting);
  • Notice given as to the subject of the question or statement to be made;
  • Disclosure of any relevant interest they have in relation to the matter they wish to discuss (for example, membership of an interest group, proximity to a proposed development or such); 
  • The total time allocated to public questions and statements not exceeding 30 minutes except at the discretion of the Chair of the meeting; 

Where it is apparent that multiple individuals wish to speak on the same subject, and taking account of differing views, the Chair may request that a spokesperson be selected by those speakers to represent them, rather than allow all individuals to speak.

Members of the public may be invited to speak during an Agenda item where they can provide additional information to Members.  Members shall receive the Chair’s assent prior to directly engaging a member of the public, although assent should only be withheld where there would be significant detriment to the running of the meeting.

Mindful of the use of time of Members and the public, further opportunity for questions from the public may be provided once the formal meeting has been closed.

A record of public participation prior to or after the meeting shall be appended to the minutes.

A record of public participation as part of an agenda item shall be minuted against that agenda item.