Environment & Planning Committee

PLEASE NOTE: This page will be updated to reflect the May 2021 Local Election Results in due course.

Chair: Cllr Alex Kay
Vice Chair: TBC

The Environment & Planning Committee meets every two or three weeks, to consider every planning application in the town and comments are sent to Wiltshire Council as part of their consultation procedure.

The aim is to preserve and enhance the town’s character, and to encourage sustainability. In addition, the Committee considers the issue of past and future awards to appropriate successfully completed planning applications.

The Committee also champions environmental issues across all areas, including Planning considerations, and policy steered by the Town Council’s declarations of Climate and Ecological Emergencies, as well as awarding grants to support environmental projects.

On occasions where quorum is not met, the Planning & Environment Committee will take delegated decisions for feedback to Wiltshire Council on current planning applications. At least three Councillors and our planning expert will review the applications so that we can make the best recommendation we can within our remit and assure compliance with our Neighbourhood Plan. This feedback is agreed and signed by the Councillors and will be posted on the WC Planning site accordingly.

Objection and support correspondence regarding any applications should be sent directly to Wiltshire Council who make all decisions in this area.

Planning Information:

Information pertaining to planning applications can be found at: https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/planning

Other documents  and articles you may find informative are:

Bradford on Avon Neighbourhood Plan 2017

Information about Wiltshire Council’s draft Local Plan Consultation

Conservation Area Character Assessment Appraisal – Produced on behalf of the former West Wiltshire District Council planning authority March 2008 (Please note that some information may not be current – for more information refer to https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/planning

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