26th April 2021

BoA Climate Hustings

Price: £FREE

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon (CFBOA) is hosting an online Hustings for candidates standing for the Town and/or County Council elections on 6th May, with a focus on climate and environment issues.

Bradford on Avon Town Council declared a Climate Emergency in March 2019 and an Ecological Emergency in July 2020. Wiltshire Council voted in February 2019 to acknowledge the climate emergency and to seek to make Wiltshire zero carbon by 2030. Those elected on 6th May will play their part in how the Councils plans and strategies take shape. 

Each political party and independent group will be invited to be represented by a candidate, and candidates standing independently will be invited. The event will be chaired by Prof Geoff Hammond. 

The candidates will reply to questions sent in by the public before the debate. The first question will be a more general one and will be sent to the candidates beforehand. If you would like to ask a question at the Hustings, please email your question before the event to climatechampions@gmail.com.

There will be a brief open Q&A discussion for members of the public to ask supplementary climate related questions of all candidates.

The event will last 90 minutes. We will record the event and make it available on the CFBoA website. Participation on 26th April is limited to 100. To register to join the event CLICK HERE

PLEASE NOTE: The organisers request that those attending the meeting refrain from any form of heckling, personal attacks or abusive behaviour either on audio and/or via the chat feature. The host reserves the right to remove anyone partaking in this kind of behaviour without notice.

Bradford on Avon Town Council has declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency – as part of our commitment to tackling these dual emergencies, we have committed to widening the geographical scope of events which we advertise on our What’s On pages, to enable and raise our community’s awareness on matters relating to these.
If you would like to advertise an educational event relating to the Climate and Ecological Emergencies, please complete our registration form HERE: https://www.bradfordonavon.co.uk/whats-on/register-an-event-in-bradford-on-avon/ 
Please note: Events not pertaining to the Climate and Ecological Emergencies must be Bradford on Avon based to qualify.


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