Leg Club

Leg Clubs are an evidence based initiative which provide community-based treatment, health promotion, education and ongoing care for people of all age groups who are experiencing leg-related problems. Leg Club staff work in a unique partnership with patients (members) and the local community. Working to best-practice guidelines they provide a high standard of care in a social and friendly setting that promotes understanding, peer support and informed choice. Leg Clubs typically meet once a week, but in some areas the Club is held twice weekly. No appointments are required and members can drop in to chat over a cup of tea or coffee while awaiting treatment. Transport can be arranged to and from the clubs, and parking is available.

The emphasis of the Leg Club is to empower members to participate in their care, in a social environment that eases loneliness by providing congenial surroundings where old friends can meet and new friendships be formed.

Leg Clubs have four key features that are different from conventional leg ulcer clinics:

  • They are community-based, held in a non-medical setting, e.g. a village/community center, church hall or meeting room
  • Members are treated collectively
  • They operate on a drop-in basis (no appointments required)
  • They incorporate a fully-integrated ‘well leg’ regime

What type of problems can be treated?

Any problems involving legs, from varicose veins, skin tears, eczema and leg ulcers to difficulties in walking. For many people suffering with swollen legs and/ or leg ulcers the main problems are associated with pain, infection, wound leakage, immobility, loneliness and isolation.

Run by BOA & Melksham Health Partnership

This event finished on 06 April 2020

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