8th June 2019


Price: £Free - Donations appreciated

Come along to customise your own pair of mini pants for the #weareallsmearready campaign and National Cervical Screening Awareness Week.

With attendance rates at an all time low the campaign addresses embarrassment and body image factors that prevent many women (1 in 4) from attending cervical screening (smear test) appointments.

The event on Saturday 8th June at Westbury Garden, Bradford on Avon is open to all ages and abilities. People can drop by for craft, cake and chat with the aim to ‘drop their (mini) pants in a public place’ the following week during National Cervical Screening Awareness week.

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of cervical screenings, encourage conversations and potentially save lives. It is estimated that the NHS Cervical Screening programme saves 5000 lives every year and it provides the best protection against cervical cancer.

Fore more information on the campaign please visit https://www.helenbaker.com/campaign