Reception Dance Class age 4-5

Price: £Trial sessions are £4

In our fun and relaxed Reception Dance classes in Bradford on Avon, we hope to develop confidence and encourage creativity in our weekly sessions. The children get to try different dance styles including Ballet, Cheerleading and Modern using colourful props and different music styles.

In April and May, our theme will be the adventures of Moana and her cheeky side kick, Maui. We’ll be trying dances inspired by the Polynesian Islands, sailing and swaying to the different parts of the story together.

In June and July, our theme will be the adventures of Aladdin and Jasmine. We’ll be dancing with a Middle Eastern feel with inspired by flying carpets, magic lamps and a very funky genie!

Trial sessions are £4 and can be booked by emailing

All props are provided and no uniform is required. Full information available at

Reception Dance
Thursdays 3:45pm
Bradford on Avon Youth Centre
BA15 1LT

This event finished on 21 July 2022