18th January 2022

Sustainable Travel Committee Meeting

The Sustainable Travel Committee meets, to discuss methods of improving the traffic situation and transportation system within the town. It also engages with Wiltshire Council to devise and implement measures to try to reduce traffic-related problems in and around the town. In addition, the Committee will receive reports and consider recommendations from the Wiltshire Council Community Area Transport Group (WCCATG).

Committee Members:

Cllr Tim Trimble (Chair)
Cllr Sarah Gibson
Cllr Sam Blackwell
Cllr Katie Vigar
Cllr Jennie Parker
Cllr Alison Potter
Cllr Jack Vittles

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Please be aware that this meeting will be held in person at St Margaret’s Hall. We will have a limit of 50 members of the public in attendance, on a first come first served basis.