19th January 2021

Town Development Committee Meeting

The Town Development Committee oversees the management of the amenities and open spaces owned or leased by the Town Council (principally St Margaret’s Hall, the Youth & Community Centre, Victory Field, Culver Close Recreation Ground and Westbury Garden).

It also promotes the economic development of the town through business, tourism and investment. It supports the work of the relevant volunteer groups, such as the Community Emergency Volunteers (CEVs), the Tourism Information Centre (TIC) and CLean up Bradford (CLuB), and liaises with the emergency services.

Committee Members

Cllr Simon McNeill-Ritchie (Chair)
Cllr David Garwood
Cllr Sarah Gibson
Cllr Emma Franklin
Cllr Laurie Brown
Cllr Alex Kay
Cllr Dom Newton
Cllr Dan Taylor
Cllr Mike Roberts
Cllr Tom Lomax

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