Cancelled: Zumba Gold

Price: £6



Zumba gold classes are great fun, friendly, and motivating!

Low intensity dance fitness suitable for active older adults and beginners who want to be fit and active in a fun, friendly class, and who enjoy good music and great company!

Classes every Thursday 12noon-1pm. Doors open at 11.45am.

Classes cost £6 per session.  Instructors fully qualified and insured. Tel Gina on 07968 329 411 or Debbie on 07941 112893 for more information or to reserve a space.

Who are our classes suitable for?

Anyone who LOVES music, and dancing, and who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle, get (or stay) fit, and meet new and interesting people.

Why choose our classes?

We make all our classes safe, fun and effective. We understand the changing needs we all face as we grow older, and yet have a young-at-heart attitude ourselves which refuses to be pigeon-holed into early retirement!

How do I join?

This class is one where you can just turn up, and take part. If it is your first class, you will need to arrive a little early for an informal chat with the instructor to assess your current state of health and to fill in some paperwork prior to taking part.

What should I wear/bring with me?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but bear in mind you may get hot, so layers of clothing that you can remove as you do heat up are ideal. Flat comfortable shoes or trainers with non-marking soles are essential to protect your feet, and the floor. You will also need to bring some water to drink during the session.

About the Instructors:

Debbie & Gina have both been in the fitness industry since the early 1990’s, qualified to teach Exercise to Music in all its forms, including aerobics, step and body conditioning. In 2009, they trained as Zumba Instructors and were among the first in the south west to run classes. They have since gone on to train in Zumba Gold which is an adapted version of the original Zumba Programme, suitable for Active older participants.  In their class at St. Margaret’s Hall, they combine all their knowledge and experience to create fun, effective and safe sessions for everyone who joins them, no matter what their previous fitness experience may be.

For more information, please contact: Debbie 07941 112983 or Gina 07968 329411

This event finished on 02 April 2020