Highways and Transport Committee

What we do

This Committee meets every 8 weeks, to discuss methods of improving the traffic situation and transportation system within the town. It also engages with Wiltshire Council to devise and implement measures to try to reduce traffic-related problems in and around the town. In addition, the Committee will receive reports and consider recommendations from the Wiltshire Council Community Area Transport Group (WCCATG).

If you would like to highlight a matter to the Highways and Transport Committee, please click on the button below and complete our online enquiry form. Please note that in the first instance, many issues should be reported to Wiltshire Council via their online reporting system. You can also download their reporting App to your devices HERE


Cllr Dom Newton (Chairman and Leader of the Council)
Cllr Alex Kay (Ex Officio)
Cllr David Garwood (Ex Officio)
Cllr Emma Franklin
Cllr Tom Lomax
Cllr Simon McNeill-Ritchie

Upcoming Meetings

Documents to Download

These are draft copies.

All agendas are displayed on the noticeboards in the Town Council offices and Westbury Gardens.