Poulton Park Skatepark

Bradford on Avon Town Council has agreed to support a skatepark at Poulton Park, in the same location as the previous ramps. Maverick Industries has been working closely with the skateboarding community and youth groups in the town to prepare concept designs for the skatepark.

In early 2021 the Town Council set aside £100,000 towards a new skatepark for Bradford on Avon.

SkateBOA has been hard at work raising money for the skatepark with a £7,000 crowdfunding campaign, £2,000 from a book sale and the sale of designer t-shirts and bags.

In January 2023 we announced that the goal of raising £250,000 to build the skatepark has been reached. This could not have been done without the collaboration between Town Council, SkateBoA, other individuals and local organisations.

On Tuesday 17 January 2023, there was a meeting with Maverick Industries, SkateBoA, Councillors and future skatepark users.

Around 30 attended the meeting to discuss a revised park design in light of the fundraising.

The final design for the new Poulton Park skatepark was unanimously approved by the Town Council at its Full Council meeting on Tuesday 7 March 2023.


The skatepark is now open after Maverick’s team finished building at the end of July.

And we’re busy working on an official opening event that will be happening on Saturday 9 September (weather permitting)


The build will see temporary vehicle access from Baileys Barn – and a protective trackway running from the bottom of the field up to the old skatepark. The temporary track will be used for deliveries and for the other vehicles coming and going as part of the build.


You can see what our new skatepark looks like in these design images:

Bradford on Avon Skatepark 3D Visual 1 (pdf)

Bradford on Avon Skatepark 3D Visual 2 (pdf)

Bradford on Avon Skatepark 3D Visual 3 (pdf)

Please note that the paths and the seating area shown on the designs were illustrative – and they haven’t happened yet. Instead, the areas around the skatepark have been landscaped and seeded – so please bear with us while the grass is growing.

Similarly, please bear with us while the grass on the football pitch recovers (this is where the temporary access track was down while the skatepark was being built)


Our skatepark is in Poulton Park. There are lots of ways into Poulton Park on foot and on bike:

  • From Poulton
  • From Baileys Barn
  • And from Kennet Gardens

The nearest car park to the skatepark is the Canal & River Trust car park at the end of Bailey’s Barn. This is a pay and display car park. Check with the Canal & River Trust for current charges.


The riding surface is concrete.

If you’re coming to the skatepark from the playing field, the grass here is generally cut short. There’s a gentle slope down to or up to the skatepark, depending on which direction you’re coming from.

If you’re coming through the meadow, there are mown paths and trodden routes around the meadow. The grass alongside these paths is generally longer – and the paths in the meadow can be wet, muddy, and slippery depending on the weather and the time of year.


There’s information for riders and skaters on this sign. There’s a copy of this sign by the skatepark.


If you have any questions about the skatepark or about the project, please contact us on 01225 864240; or email us at office@bradfordonavontowncouncil.gov.uk

Also we’d love to hear what you think about the new skatepark – and about Poulton Park generally.