Bradford on Avon Town Council has agreed to support a skatepark at Poulton, in the same location as the previous ramps. Maverick Skateparks has been working closely with the skateboarding community and youth groups in the town to prepare concept designs for the skatepark.

The designs by Maverick Skateparks can be found HERE.

In early 2021 the Town Council set aside £100,000 towards a new skatepark for Bradford on Avon.

SkateBOA has been hard at work raising money for the skatepark with a £7,000 crowdfunding campaign, £2,000 from a book sale and the sale of designer t-shirts and bags.

On Sunday, 3 July 2022 the Skatepark Working Group will give an update on the project and encourage individuals, families, community groups and businesses who support the project, in a final funding push.