Projects and what we do

Countdown to Peace

A programme of events and activities over the first ten days of November 2018, to raise awareness & understanding of WW1 across Bradford on Avon

Find out about the wide range of events and exhibitions here.

Countdown to Peace  

Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan was adopted in October 2017, following endorsement by the Town at Referendum in September 2017. It forms the first level of planning regulation in the town, working with Wiltshire Planning policies and the National Planning Policy Framework. It provides residents and those seeking to develop residential or commercial spaces in the town with a clear framework, covering the town’s expectations.
The plan covers residential and commercial development, alongside elements of economic, environmental, community infrastructure and parking provision in new development.
The Bradford on Avon Neighbourhood Plan now forms part of the Development Plan and its policies will be given full weight when assessing planning applications that affect land covered by the Plan.
To access the plan and supporting documentation, visit

Bradford on Avon Neighbourhood Plan Cover

Bradford on Avon Visitor Guide

Have you seen our Bradford on Avon Visitor Guide? Copies are available around the town, and to view/download the electronic version, which includes maps of the town please click here. A huge thanks to Varn Media for their help in designing this guide.


Bradford on Avon Visitor Guide Cover

Community Emergency Volunteers

The Bradford on Avon Town Council Community Emergency Volunteers (CEVS) are group of volunteers drawn from our local community who wish to help others during times of severe weather, civil emergency, or at large scale events in the town.

The Volunteers were set up as a positive response to the floods of December 2013 through the Town Council's Emergency Planning Working Group. A number of organisations have been consulted with during the setting up process and include Wiltshire Council (Emergency Planning/Highways/Public Health), Network Rail, British Transport Police, Wiltshire Police, Wiltshire FRS, The Environment Agency, Wessex Water, SSEPD, Serve On, The British Red Cross, Wiltshire Search and Rescue (WILSAR).

Paul Robertson, Senior Co-ordinator, has assisted the Town Council and moved this project on to be a successful Community Asset.

To find out more information or become a volunteer please visit here.

Community Emergency Volunteers next to the river in Bradford on Avon