Bradford on Avon Residents’ Panel

Residents' Panel Information Update

The Bradford on Avon Residents’ Panel is a new project designed to help the Town Council hear views from across the community.

The panel is formed of 100 residents selected to complete surveys a few times a year on Town Council activities, policies and services.

Why have a Residents’ Panel? 

The panel is a useful way to gauge opinion in the community.  Information from surveys will help Councillors and council officers improve on what the Town Council is able to offer the town.   The panel is in addition to longstanding methods of hearing residents’ views, such as direct contact from individual residents, with local groups and organisations and through specific consultations.  These will all continue.

How will the panel work?

The panel will begin on a pilot basis, with the first survey to be issued in February 2021.

A follow up report from the survey will be prepared for the Full Council meeting on 8 March and published on this page. The Council will review the project at this stage.