Supporters of St Margaret's Hall

John Potter

Pauline & Jonathan Brown

Benchmark Brighton Ltd (Ian Muir)

Vicky Landell Mills

Brian Hersee, The Lions Club

Janet Repton

Magnus Macdonald

Simon Fisher

Moulton Bicycle Co.

Shaun Moulton

Jeff Tisdall

Patricia Lemon

Sheila Wood


John Holmes, Bradford on Avon Film Society 

Phil & Anthea Courage

Trevor Tees

Judith Hammond

Margaret and Bryan Harris

Lady Maitland

Kathy Miller, Mike & Alison Wells

Ian & Sue Bolden 

Bradfordians Dramatic Society

Sheila Allen

Freddie & Winifred Walker

Ashlin & Joyce Harrington

Steve Vick International Ltd

from you to me limited

North and West Wiltshire National Trust Association

Sandra Bartlett

Varn Media – Tom Vaughton 

Jill & Colin Johns

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