20th March 2024

Ambitious new play area design for Poulton Park

We’re very excited to share the new design to improve the play area in Poulton Park.

This design is more ambitious than the design that we shared last August. This reflects what people said to us about the types of play opportunities they wanted to see – and the materials they would prefer in the play area.

The new design is more expensive, though – and because of this, we’re going to have to split this project into phases.

The first phase is scheduled to start in early June – and should be finished in time for the school holidays.

This phase will include:

  • the bigger climbing frame shown in the drawing
  • a new roundabout
  • a new basket swing
  • new seats and some TLC for the existing swings – including a face to face swing
  • multi-height bars and a zig-zag twister
  • new seating
  • we’re also going to be working on designs for a sand pit and a mud kitchen
  • we’ll be planting new trees in and around the play area this autumn.

The rest of the design will be completed in phases as we’re successful in funding bids.