Climate Emergency

Bradford on Avon Town Council have declared a Climate Emergency - find out what we are doing about it

To find out why we, and many other government bodies/organisations across the UK and indeed the globe have declared a Climate Emergency, we recommend reading  the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report HERE

In March 2019, Bradford on Avon Town Council declared a Climate Emergency.

We are committed to doing as much as we can at a local level within the remits that we have, and welcome suggestions and opportunities to liaise with community groups on projects.

As a council who have already worked regularly with Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon and are committed to working towards carbon neutrality, some projects below were initiated prior to the Climate Emergency being declared. New projects will be added as they arise and keep an eye on our @BoATownCouncil social media feeds for additional events, calls to action and news.

Scroll down to find out what we have achieved so far, to get involved, or sign up for updates.

The Town Council ‘s Climate Emergency strategy can be viewed HERE

Communicating the message

January 2020

Water Fountains

Solar Panels at St Margaret's Hall

January 2019


  • Raising awareness about the Climate Emergency and ecological crisis facing our planet due to climate change and associated behaviours (eg: reducing single use plastic, increasing local biodiversity)
  • Communicating information which helps the community and public at large make more sustainable lifestyle choices
  • Increasing visibility of Climate Emergency related information in our newsletters, on our website and social media platforms, publicity, press releases and at events.
  • Utilising #ClimateEmergency and associated hashtags


  • Ensuring that the Town Council leads by example in everyday in-house practices (sundries, equipment, supplier sourcing, product sustainability)
  • Encouraging suppliers and event organisers to take steps to reduce plastic consumption and increase sustainable practices
  • Producing a Climate Emergency checklist to guide officers (also make this available to public via website)
  • Managing green spaces under Town Council care, with a view to encouraging  and protecting biodiversity and wildlife habitats
  • Running events specifically to raise awareness (ie: documentary screenings, climate themed receptions, repair cafe sessions)
  • Sharing information/practices with other Councils to encourage wider implementation

Plastic Free Community Status

May 2019

Climate Emergency Bunting Project

July 2019

Climate Emergency Steering Group

Get Involved


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Green Spaces Officer

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Newsletter coverage

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As a Town Council, we will aim to implement positive change in terms of:


  • Incorporating the ‘Climate Emergency’ theme and/or considerations into as many in-house projects as possible
  • Identifying and implementing ways of reducing the Town Council’s carbon footprint
  • Establishing a Climate Emergency Steering Group, comprising of TC councillors/officers and local environmental group representatives to assess all of the practicable ways the Town Council and local community can take positive action. Any TC related actions agreed upon can then be presented to Full Council for implementation.

Some areas requiring attention are not under the remit of the Town Council, though Councillors can raise these with Wiltshire Council/MPs:

  • Traffic congestion and air pollution
  • Electric vehicle charging points
  • Waste collection and recycling strategy
  • Building and Planning

We’ve already made a start and to find out more see our NEWS items relating to Climate Emergency (LINKS):

Re-wilding & Green Spaces

Community Fridge

Coming soon!

Water Bottles

If you’d like to get involved or have a related project you’d like support with, get in touch HERE.

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Holding a Climate or Biodiversity themed event?

If it’s in the BA15 (1 or 2) postal area, you can register it for free here!