Green Space & Biodiversity Survey

There are a variety of green spaces are managed by the Town Council, from open parks to ancient woodland. Every space is managed to reduce climate and ecological impact – whether that’s using non-peat compost or avoiding using pesticides where possible.

In January 2020, we hired a Green Spaces Officer. The role involves looking after our green spaces, considering their ecological value and working with the Town Wardens as well as volunteer groups such as Clean Up Bradford and the Nature Volunteers.

In June 2020, we commission a biodiversity survey to provide baseline data on habitats and species around the town.  

Baseline data is the measurement that is collected prior to action.

The Biodiversity Survey and Nature Recovery Report we commissioned will guide the Town Council in looking after our green spaces. As each area has its own important part to play in biodiversity. 

These reports give us detailed information on important locations.

You can learn more about why we commissioned the survey in our news section: Biodiversity Survey Given the Green Light

Ecological Appraisal of the Town Council’s Estate (pdf)

Nature Recovery Report (pdf)