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Local Government in Wiltshire

There are 2 tiers (or levels) of local government in Wiltshire.

This means there are 2 councils working for Bradford on Avon.

  • Wiltshire Council is a unitary authority with responsibility for services across the county
  • Bradford on Avon Town Council is the parish council for Bradford on Avon.

You can find out more about councils on the government’s website: understand how your council works

About us

The town council is made of 12 elected councillors who meet at Full Council and committee meetings to make decisions about our priorities and what we do.

Aims and objectives

Our aim is to create a strong and resilient community, where everyone has opportunities to be part of the success of the town.

For us, a successful town means:

  • a thriving town
  • a flourishing community
  • a greener place
  • an engaged town council.

We also believe that how we act and how we work is just as important as what we do.

  • we aim to support and nurture the town, valuing community and leading by example
  • and our decisions and our actions are shaped by the climate crisis and the ecological emergency that we are all facing – and the Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2019.

You can read more about our overall aims and objectives in our Bradford on Avon Town Council – Business Plan 2021 to 2025 (pdf).

We hold the General Power of Competence and this allows us to do more in the town.

The General Power of Competence gives councils the power to do anything an individual can do provided it is not prohibited by other legislation.

Local Government Association document on The General Power of Competence (pdf)

This is a summary of what we do – with links to more detailed information elsewhere on our website.

  • manage and look after Places & Spaces in the town, including parks, green spaces, and play areas
  • work with local clubs to provide and look after sports courts and pitches
  • manage community venues, including St Margaret’s Hall and the Youth & Community Centre
  • hire venues and outdoor spaces for events, meetings and parties
  • manage the cemetery on Holt Road
  • manage the allotments on Frome Road and at the Shoulder of Mutton
  • manage the public toilets near St Margaret’s Hall and by the train station
  • run the electric vehicle (EV) chargers by the Youth Centre
  • support community groups and local charities – and run a community grants scheme
  • work with volunteers, Wiltshire Council and other organisations to help keep Bradford on Avon clean and tidy
  • check and empty the litter bins in the town
  • support and organise town events
  • work with local businesses to improve regeneration and economic growth
  • run the Weekly Town Market
  • comment on planning applications received by Wiltshire Council
  • make recommendations to Wiltshire Council as a voice of the people
  • promote the wellbeing of people living in the town
  • work towards making Bradford on Avon an independent, resilient and more environmentally sustainable town
  • provide information about what’s on and what’s happening in Bradford on Avon
  • run the Tourist Information centre – and the Explore Bradford on Avon website
  • support the Community Emergency Volunteers
  • manage and look after the Community Fridge
  • support and promote Town Twinning with our twin towns in France, Germany and Poland
  • BoA youth.

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