Bradford on Avon Cemetery & Burials

Bradford on Avon Town Council now looks after Bradford on Avon Cemetery. This includes burials and the interment of ashes as well as services and gatherings at the cemetery chapel. 

Interment means to bury ashes.

We also offer Exclusive Rights of Burial agreements. The Exclusive Rights of Burial is an agreement which gives the holder(s) the right to make decisions on a burial plot. 

The town council is here to help. If you have any more questions please contact us.

What We Offer

Mostly, full burial arrangements are made through a funeral director. The funeral director then works with us to arrange the date, the digging of the grave and use of the chapel if needed.

A full burial is when the deceased is buried in a casket or coffin.

Cremations & Interments

We cannot arrange cremations but you can contact the Town Council to discuss the interment of ashes without using a funeral director.

Plots are not allocated in advance but at the time of burial. 

Gravestones & Memorials

For general information on gravestones and memorials please contact a memorial stone mason or contact the town council directly.

If you want more detailed information or to buy a memorial please contact a memorial stone mason registered with either the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (RAMM) or National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM).

Important Documents

Interment fees 2022-23 (pdf)

Exclusive Rights of Burial Application (pdf)

Family Interment Application (pdf)

Change of address form (pdf)

Change of Grave ownership (pdf)

Site Description

Bradford on Avon Cemetery was founded in 1856 as a non denominational burial ground. Non denominational means open or acceptable to people of any or no Christian faith. The cemetery is outside of the town centre on Holt Road. 

The 2 chapels at Bradford on Avon Cemetery were designed by Bath architect, Thomas Fuller who also designed the town hall.

The town council looks after the grounds and the 2 chapels this means we can keep the cemetery as an attractive and peaceful resting place.

Bradford on Avon Cemetery has limited parking. There are also no public toilets at Bradford on Avon Cemetery. 

Bradford on Avon Cemetery chapels (pdf)

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