Committees & Meetings

Find out more about Committee and Full Council meetings

We welcome and encourage members of the public to attend Town Council meetings and provide time at the beginning of each session for matters to be raised by you. If you would like to speak (for up to 5 minutes) ideally let us know ahead of time or when the meeting commences, with any supporting documents submitted to us beforehand.

CONTACT US for more details.

Latest meeting minutes and agendas can be viewed and downloaded via links in the relevant Committee pages below and the schedule of Council Meetings (subject to change) can be downloaded HERE

Sustainable Travel Committee

Environment & Green Spaces Committee

Town Development Committee

Community & Wellbeing Committee

Resources Committee

Full Council

Annual Town Gathering (Meeting)

The most recent Annual Town Gathering (aka Meeting) was held at 7pm on Thursday 25th April 2019. Minutes from the meeting can be found HERE

The 2020 Annual Town Gathering was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can also visit our Facebook page for meeting updates.

Upcoming Town Council Meetings

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