Twinning exists to promote and foster friendship & understanding between towns

Bradford on Avon is twinned or in a friendship link with the following towns:

Sully-sur-Loire, France

Sully-sur-Loire is a small town found a little upstream of Orléans in the Départment of Loiret.

The town is dominated by its enormous moated château. Chateau Sully used to be the seat of the dukes of Sully, and it was built to defend low-water crossings across the Loire. The moat has been bridged since the 10th century.

Sully-sur-Loire became twinned with Bradford on Avon through connections between the rugby clubs in the 2 towns.

For more info visit the French Twinning Association website.

Norden, Germany

Norden is a town on the North Sea coast of Ostfriesland, Niedersachsen, Germany. The town is on low land near the Dutch border. The port used to be important for foreign trade and now supports a fishing fleet and ferries to the Frisian islands.

Norden and Bradford on Avon became twinned in 1969 through connections between the two towns’ rowing and canoe clubs. A close tie which began in 1967.

For more information, please visit the German Twinning Association website.

Elblag, Poland

Elbląg, Poland

We are twinned with Elbląg, Poland alongside Trowbridge, Melksham, Warminster and Westbury.

Elbląg is one of the oldest cities in its province. The history of Elbląg dates back to 1237, when the Teutonic Order constructed their fortified stronghold on the banks of a nearby river. The castle served as the official seat of the Teutonic Order masters.

The Elbing Canal, built from 1825 to 44, is now a popular tourist spot in Elbląg. The canal is believed to be one of the most important monuments related to the history of engineering and has been named as 1 of the seven wonders of Poland.

Tubas, Palestine

In 2020 we voted to form a friendship link with Tubas, Palestine. The gesture was brought forward by the local Friends of Palestine group. 

The city of Tubas can be found in the north east of the West Bank area with a population of over 21,000.

City photo of Tubas, Palestine