Climate & Ecological Emergency

Councillors have agreed that the Climate and Ecological Emergencies cannot be tackled independently. In March 2019, Bradford on Avon Town Council declared a Climate Emergency, and in July 2020 it reinforced this commitment with the declaration of an Ecological Emergency.


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Live CO2

Before the industrial revolution, the Earth’s atmosphere contained 278 parts of CO₂ per million. Today, after more than two and a half centuries of fossil fuel use, that figure is around 417 parts per million (at the time of writing), with much of that occurring in just the last few decades. If the build-up of CO₂ continues at current rates, by 2060 it will have passed 560 ppm – more than double the level of pre-industrial times. Scientists agree that this rise could have a catastrophic impact on the wellbeing of all life on earth, including humans. The below live data from shows this rapid increase.

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