Bradford on Avon community electric bike

We’ve recently bought an electric bike (e-bike).

And you can borrow the bike for 1 or 2 weeks to see if an e-bike might work for you.

Electric bikes

Electric bikes – or e-bikes – are becoming increasingly popular, with people starting to choose them as healthy and low carbon alternatives to cars.

E-bikes can be expensive though – so buying one or saving up for one can be a big decision.

By offering people living in Bradford on Avon the chance to borrow one first, they can see how an e-bike could work for them before deciding whether to buy one.

Benefits of e-bikes 

  • low running costs
  • good for hills
  • good for longer journeys
  • good for carrying loads
  • improving mental and physical health.

All of which means an e-bike could be perfect for a quick trip to the shops to pick up bread and milk.

Or a quick dash for your favourite coffee. E-bikes are a great form of gentle exercise for older folk and people with cardiac, rheumatic and arthritic conditions, too.

And as suggested, they can help to make light work of Bradford on Avon’s hills. Even Mason’s Lane…

Simply, e-bikes can replace cars (and vans) for all sorts of journeys. And they’re better for you – and better for the environment.

About our e-bike

Our e-bike came from EFF Bikes and was made by the team at Custom e-bikes here in Bradford on Avon.

Frame Aluminium alloy
Gears 7
Tyres 20” Kenda tyres
Brakes Disc brakes front and back
Charge time 5 to 8 hours
Range on a full charge 24 to 37 miles (or 40 to 60 kilometres)
Maximum speed 15.5mph (or 25kph)
Weight limit (rider and load) 100kgs (or 15.75 stone)
Weight (of the bike) 24.5kgs

You can find more information about the specification of the bike on the EFF Bikes website.

Borrowing our e-bike

Contact us if you’d like to borrow the e-bike.

You can borrow it for either 1 or 2 weeks at a time.

What comes with the bike when I borrow it?

  • you can choose to borrow a bike helmet at the same time you borrow the bike
  • the bike comes with a pump and a emergency repair kit. This is in a small bag attached to the frame
  • the bike also has a small basket behind the saddle for shopping trips.

Essential information

  • you must be over 18 and a Bradford on Avon resident to borrow the e-bike
  • we’ll need to see proof of your identity and your address
  • anyone riding the bike must be over 14 years old – and as the borrower, you are responsible for anyone else you let ride the bike
  • there’s a £100 deposit to borrow the bike. This is fully refundable when you return the bike clean, working and in the same condition you borrowed it
  • you can pay your deposit by card or in cash – we can’t accept cheques
  • we may keep some or all your deposit if the bike comes back broken, dirty or in poor condition – and if you bring it back later than when it’s due back
  • typically, the bike is available to collect from noon on Mondays – and should be returned to us by noon on Fridays.

Full terms and conditions are here.

Collecting the bike

You can collect the bike from our Kingston House office.

  • you must book your time in advance
  • please allow up to an hour to collect the bike.

Good to know

  • the bike is checked each time it’s been borrowed
  • the bike will also be serviced every 6 months by a local bike shop.

Maintaining an e-bike

We Are Cycling UK has lot so videos and downloadable guides on cleaning and maintaining an e-bike – there are also plenty of other sites and resources across the web which can prove invaluable.

How fast can I go?

While you’re using the motor, the maximum legal speed for an e-bike is 15.5mph.

You can ride faster when you’re not using the motor – up the posted speed limit for the road you’re on.

How far can I go – and how long will it take to charge the bike up again?

Fully charged, the bike has a range of 24 to 37 miles (or 40 to 60 kilometres)

Charging the bike

A full charge will take 5 to 8 hours.

The charger will have a red light showing while the battery is charging.

When this light turns green, the battery is fully charged.


Do not leave the bike charging overnight or for periods longer than 8 hours. This could be a fire risk.

Do not cover the charger while it is plugged in.

Fire safety guidance

Please read this fire safety guidance from the National Fire Chiefs Council before you borrow the e-bike.

The London Fire Brigade has also published ChargeSafe advice on its website.

Riding an electric bike for the first time?

We’ve put together an easy read guide that offers some hints and tips if you’re new to riding an electric bike.

Terms and conditions

You can read the full T&Cs for borrowing the electric bike here…

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Contact us

Get in touch to find out more about our electric bike.

I just want to hire a bike for the day to explore in and around Bradford on Avon…

You can hire bikes – including e-bikes – from TT Cycles, who are based near Sainsbury’s, at the end of Rowden Road.