Places & Spaces

Parks, green spaces, venues, conveniences & play areas that we own and/or manage

A list of the places and spaces that we look after – including parks and play areas; St Margaret’s Hall; and the cemetery.

Play areas & Play Spaces

  • Barton Farm
  • Bearfield
  • Greenlands View
  • Kingston Wood
  • Poulton Park
  • Sladesbrook
  • Spencers Orchard
  • St Aldhelm
  • Victory Field.

Parks & Green Spaces

Buildings & Venues

Public toilets

  • in the car park by St Margaret’s Hall
  • in the car park by the train station.


  • Bancroft
  • Frome Road
  • Shoulder of Mutton
  • Sladesbrook.

For more information and how to apply for an allotment, please see our allotments page.

Bradford on Avon cemetery

We also manage the cemetery on Holt Road.

Sports pitches and facilities

We work with local clubs to look after courts, pitches, buildings, and spaces for formal sports in Bradford on Avon. Including:

  • the tennis courts in Culver Close
  • football pitches in Poulton Park and Victory Field
  • the cricket club.

Our other spaces & Facilities