Becky Addy Wood

In April 2020 the town council bought Becky Addy Wood on behalf of the community.

Becky Addy Wood is accessible by a right of way that parallels the canal and provides an alternate walking route to Avoncliff and covers over 10 acres.

It is home to many ancient and native species of trees and rare flora, as well as blankets of wild garlic and bluebells.

It also provides vital natural habitat for protected local wildlife, including bats. 


Below, you can read our full history with Becky Addy Wood through our press releases (in chronological order):

Ancient woodland protected for future generations

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Becky Addy Wood

Town council response to Becky Addy Wood concerns

Mayor responds to continued concerns over Becky Addy Wood

Emergency tree works needed at Becky Addy Wood

Bradford on Avon Town Council is undertaking urgent tree works in Becky Addy Wood

Bradford on Avon Town Council has withdrawn proposal to sell Becky Addy Wood

Tree safety works


In February 2023 a temporary High Court injunction was imposed on the town council which halted the tree safety work in Becky Addy Wood.

Statement on Becky Addy Wood (February 2023)

On Tuesday 2 May 2023 a High Court order was put in place — based on a proposal put forward by the town council on Friday 17 February.

The High Court order required that independent experts survey and report on Becky Addy Wood in their professional areas of expertise. They will then produce a 2 year woodland management plan.

Bradford on Avon Town Council would be responsible for the implementation of the plan over the next 2 years.

High Court order sees way forward at Becky Addy Wood (May 2023)

In April a large ash tree fell across and obstructed the public footpath. Clearance of this fallen tree might have posed a risk of contempt of court, given the High Court Injunction, as advised by our solicitors.

We requested an amendment to the Court Order to make it clear that we would be allowed to clear the fallen tree without causing any legal risk to the Town Council while the High Court injunction is still in place.

The other party has agreed to this, and so we are able to carry out the work to clear the public footpath.

Tree blocking public footpath in Becky Addy Wood can now be cleared

At Full Council on Tuesday 7 May, Councillor Katie Vigar read out the following statement: “The high court trial concerning the litigation brought against the town council concerning Becky Addy Wood took place last week. The trial ran from Tuesday until Friday afternoon, and we now await the outcome.

“We understand the judge will hand down his judgement in writing in due course – and this will be at some point within 3 months, hopefully sooner rather than later.
“The town council regrets the case was brought against it and the considerable amount of officer and councillor time and public money that the case has cost.
“As the defendant the town council was not able to withdraw from the case although it made every effort to reach a pre-trial settlement with the claimants.”

Most recent town council statements:

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