3rd May 2023

High Court Order Sees Way Forward at Becky Addy Wood

Bradford on Avon Town Council was served with a temporary injunction by the High Court on Friday 10 February 2023 ex part (without its attendance in court).

As a result of this temporary injunction, all works on trees in Becky Addy Wood were prohibited.

The 2 parties then agreed to stay proceedings in order to attempt to find a solution.

To avoid unnecessary legal expenses and to continue its long-standing effort to work in partnership, the Town Council proposed a way forward on Friday 17 February involving the employment of 2 independent experts (and arborist and an ecologist) appointed by their professional bodies.

With the High Court hearing scheduled for Wednesday 3 May when the Town Council would have had the opportunity to contest the injunction, the proposal was accepted on Tuesday 2 May and a High Court Order was issued on Wednesday 3 May.

The High Court Order will require that independent experts will survey and report on Becky Addy Wood in their professional areas of expertise. They will then produce a 2-year woodland management plan.

Bradford on Avon Town Council will be responsible for the implementation of the plan over the next 2 years.

Once the process of producing the management plan is complete, it is anticipated that the High Court will lift the injunction.