7th February 2024

A talking newspaper for Bradford on Avon

The town council is actively working to make the information we produce and publish more...
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25th January 2023

Bradford on Avon successful in raising £250,000 to build a new skatepark

Bradford on Avon has successfully raised a quarter of a million pounds to build a new skatepark for...
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20th January 2023

Campaign Launched to Shine a Light on Local Businesses and the Town

The Bradford on Avon festive lights will SHINE ON after the Christmas decorations have come...
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29th November 2022

Johns Associates donates £2,000 towards new skatepark project in Bradford on Avon

[caption id="attachment_14823" align="alignleft" width="225"] Johns Associates Director, Matt...
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4th February 2022

Update on National Lottery bid for skatepark fund

Plans to build a new Poulton skatepark have been delayed by the National Lottery turning down the...
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18th January 2022

Annual Pancake Race 2022

The Bradford on Avon Town Bridge Pancake Day Race is a firm favourite in our events calendar. Every...
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25th October 2021

South West In Bloom

Community Volunteers The Mayor Cllr Sarah Gibson recently met with volunteers to present them with...
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24th September 2021

Bradford on Avon Town Council and Wiltshire Council work in partnership to secure funding for tree planting

Bradford on Avon Town Council and Wiltshire Council have worked together to secure a £96,000 grant...
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3rd September 2021

Renowned Street Artists Help Raise Money for New Skatepark

Pop-Up Skate Exhibition Renowned street artists, currently featuring in the...
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31st August 2021

Flower & Produce Show 2021

Don't forget your entries for the BoA Flower & Produce Show! The show features classes...
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20th August 2021

‘Wait a Minnow’ Kingfisher Returns to BoA

Kingfisher Returns to Westbury Garden The stunning kingfisher sculpture ‘Wait a Minnow’ will...
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5th July 2021

Borehole makes bowling greener

We are really pleased to announce the successful installation of a borehole at Bradford on Avon...
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