25th January 2023

Bradford on Avon successful in raising £250,000 to build a new skatepark

Bradford on Avon has successfully raised a quarter of a million pounds to build a new skatepark for the town.

A collaborative approach involving the Town Council, SkateBoA, other individuals and local organisations, means that the goal of raising £250,000 to build the much needed facility at Poulton Park has now been achieved.

Special thanks to SkateBoA which organised several well attended community events and designed the brilliant merchandise seen around town every day.

The Town Council also wishes to thank Derrick Hunt (who helped greatly in closing the funding gap) for volunteering his time and expertise in fundraising for the skatepark.

A spokesperson for SkateBoA said: “We want to say a massive thank you to everyone from the Bradford on Avon community who helped support the small but mighty Skate BoA team and our efforts to raise funds for the town’s much-needed new skatepark.

“Everyone who donated their money or time and skills, made a phone call, sent a letter, shared a post, bought a bag, a board or a tee, walked, painted or danced to raise money, and the businesses and trusts for their generosity. We thank you all!

“Props to the Town Council for listening to and supporting the local youth and wheeled sports community.

“We’ll continue to work with them and Maverick Industries to convert this huge effort from all involved into the best facility we can make.”

SkateBoA is a small team of community volunteers which raised awareness and funds for the new skatepark campaign.

On Tuesday, 17 January, there was a meeting with Maverick Skateparks, SkateBoA, Councillors and future skatepark users.

Around 30 attended the meeting to discuss a revised park design in light of the fundraising.

One skater said they wanted to ‘keep the old park spirit alive’ while making the facility inviting and inclusive.

Bradford on Avon Mayor, Cllr Katie Vigar said: “It is tremendously exciting to have reached this stage in progressing towards a new skatepark as part of our project to revitalise Poulton Park for the benefit of skaters and the wider community too.”

The Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust donated £13,000, which gave the project the final push.

“We are pleased to announce that we have donated £13,000 to SkateBoA, to help the community group reach its £250,000 fundraising target,” the Preservation Trust said.

“The skatepark will be an important amenity for young people in our town. It gives them a safe place to enjoy themselves, improve their skills and spend time with friends… all in their hometown.”

Maverick Skateparks is designing the new skatepark, which will be a key feature of the Poulton Park masterplan.

The Poulton Park masterplan will be open to consultation later this year.