20th May 2024

Flower & Produce Show 2024

This year’s Flower and Produce Show takes place on Sunday 8 September, so there’s plenty of...
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16th May 2024

Green Man Festival brings nearly 10,000 to Bradford on Avon

Thousands packed Bradford on Avon this weekend to celebrate the town’s annual Green Man...
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14th November 2023

Christmas Lights Switch On in Bradford on Avon

Bradford on Avon Town Council’s Christmas Lights celebrations (kindly sponsored by local IT...
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6th November 2023

Thousands enjoy free Bradford on Avon fireworks display

Thank you to everyone who came to see the fireworks at Poulton Park yesterday – it was amazing to...
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2nd October 2023

Night of free fireworks in Bradford on Avon

Bradford on Avon Town Council’s free fireworks display at Poulton Park is just over a week away...
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11th April 2023

Crowds cheered as duck race goes swimmingly

There was a great turnout for the town’s annual Duck Race sponsored by Puddle Ducks. Residents...
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18th January 2022

Annual Pancake Race 2022

The Bradford on Avon Town Bridge Pancake Day Race is a firm favourite in our events calendar. Every...
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18th November 2021

Bradford on Avon Giving Tree

Sparkling Bradford on Avon Christmas Giving returns for its seventh birthday   The...
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25th October 2021

South West In Bloom

Community Volunteers The Mayor Cllr Sarah Gibson recently met with volunteers to present them with...
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31st August 2021

Flower & Produce Show 2021

Don't forget your entries for the BoA Flower & Produce Show! The show features classes...
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24th December 2020

Shining Lights aplenty!

The past year stands out for many reasons, and though some we may not look back on fondly, the way...
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28th November 2020

Christmas is ON

You may have seen Santa's Elves, aka Burbidge Electrical, being very busy around town over the last...
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