18th November 2021

Bradford on Avon Giving Tree

Sparkling Bradford on Avon Christmas Giving returns for its seventh birthday


The Bradford on Avon Christmas Giving Tree returns to the Town Centre in the weeks leading up to Christmas to bring hope and inspiration for a brighter tomorrow.

Celebrating its seventh year this year, new glass art produced by local glass artist Alex Compton adorns the Giving Tree in the form of swans to celebrate the famous ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ with ‘Seven Swans-a-Swimming’; a fitting tribute to the Bradford on Avon Community which has rallied round so much to help others in unprecedented times.

The Giving Tree, a 15 feet Nordic pine supplied by Fine Pines will also adorn beautiful decorations created by local school children and Bradford on Avon local rangers, guides and brownies.   Lighting around the Town Centre including Lamb Yard will be provided by Burbage Electrical Ltd.

The two large collection boxes under the Tree are once more dedicated to providing items for Bath Cats and Dogs Home and The Hub and Julian House to help animals and people in need.  Christopher Curtis, coordinator of the Giving Tree said “We are delighted that the Giving Tree has become a focal point of Bradford on Avon, especially after nearly two years of a global pandemic.  The numbers of donations have increased year on year and the Tree is a symbol of hope that life will get better for all of us and supporting our local communities has never been more important.”

Donations will be transported to The Bath Cats and Dogs Home and The Hub/Julian House very quickly using covid safe measures.

Suggested Gifts for The Hub/Julian House are as follows:

Sealed toiletries (e.g., deodorant, shower gel, shave foam, sanitary items, toothpaste.  Sealed in date dry goods (e.g., cereals, rice, pasta, biscuits, sugar).

Canned/jarred/long life food (e.g., juice, pasta sauce, coffee, tea, UHT milk).  Flannels.  Stationary, Christmas Pudding/Mince Pies. Stocking fillers (small soft toys, colouring books, crayons, festive sweets).  New Hats and Gloves.  New socks/new underwear.  Washed and dried Sleeping bags.

Suggested Gifts for Bath Cats and Dogs Home

Training treats, Dog and cat food.  Harnesses. Washed and Dried Dog coats.  Squeezy cheese.  Washed and dried blankets.  Scratch Posts, Dog and Cat Toys.

Marina Abraham from Bath Cats and Dogs home has requested that pet sheets and blankets are washed and dried before they are donated this year and that donations of pet treats must be unopened.

Katie Ponsford, Tourism and Events Officer at Bradford on Avon Town Council said: “Bradford on Avon has such a welcoming community and is one of the most attractive places to visit over the Christmas season.”

Catherine Wright, Head of Fundraising and Trading at Bath Cats and Dogs Home, said:
Bath Cats and Dogs Home are so grateful to the people of Bradford on Avon for supporting our work through Bradford on Avon Christmas Giving Tree.  Every year we rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome around 1,000 unwanted, abandoned and abused local animals from the Bath, Somerset and Wiltshire area. Together we can save and find loving homes for all the animals that need us. Thank you all so much.

Avril Clarke – Coordinator of The Hub said:
“We are delighted to once again be a recipient of the generosity of the local Bradford on Avon community through the Christmas Giving Tree.”

Catherine Adcock – Fundraising Coordinator at Julian House said:
“Julian House is delighted to be one of the beneficiaries of the Bradford on Avon Giving Tree again this year, the community have always been so generous. The donations will mean a great deal to those who receive them, many of which have little access to food & clothes. Not only will they help specific individuals, but the awareness raised around The Giving Tree about our work, will help us to support more people.”


This year Christopher has agreed to sponsor The Giving Tree, taking on this role from First Port.

For more information, please contact:

Christopher Curtis:  07841 840 501

Marine Abraham at BCDH:  01225 787335

Avril Clarke at The Hub:  01225 920748

Catherine Adcock at Julian House:   01225 354656