31st January 2023

Tree Safety Works

Bradford on Avon Town Council is completing its planned tree safety works in Becky Addy Wood, this week.

In the interest of public safety, the public footpath will be closed and the woodland fenced off while work and ecological surveys are undertaken.

The scheduled work follows a careful ecological approach to the management of the woodland in the light of ash dieback disease.

Each tree will be surveyed individually by ecologists and arborists to ensure only essential work is carried out.

This approach will also focus on retaining and creating bird and bat habitats as part of the Town Council’s overall management of the wood.

During the works the Town Council will increase the number of habitats in the woodland for wildlife, carve artificial cracks to replace bat and bird habitats, and create bat roosts.

Last year, the Town Council undertook the most urgent tree works with minimal intervention and great sensitivity to the health of the woodland.

The Town Council plans for the long term management of the woodland will improve Becky Addy Wood so that the whole habitat including flora and fauna can be better protected, as well as being enjoyed safely by the community.