23rd February 2021

Protected woodland receives funding boost

In April 2020, the Town Council facilitated and supported the purchase of Becky Addy Wood on behalf of the community. The wood is one of the few remaining ancient woodlands in the area and a refuge for many rare and protected species.

The project was initially brought to the attention of the Town Council by members of the Environment and Planning Committee and the Friends of Becky Addy Wood group (FROBAW), and although the wood lies just outside of the parish perimeter, it directly serves the community in terms of access to green space and is a valuable asset in terms of further increasing and protecting the biodiversity of the local area. 

We are now thrilled to announce that we have been successful in our application to Caring for the Cotswolds; a grant scheme run by Cotswolds National Landscape. A grant of £2,480 has been awarded, representing 40% of the project budget, to assist the Town Council and FROBAW to improve the wood for nature and people for the long term. 

James Webb from Cotswolds National Landscape said:

“We were pleased to receive this application, having provided advice in the past to help conserve the wood. Ancient woodland is the UK’s most biodiverse habitat and every effort should be made to conserve what precious little remains.
This was highlighted by the Caring for the Cotswolds Youth Panel, who helped review the recent round of applications. This project will provide immediate benefits, as well as helping to inform and facilitate future work.”

The project entails the development of a management plan to protect the site whilst enabling access by the public, undertake tree safety surveys, provide tools for conservation tasks as well as necessary signs and furniture such as benches. FROBAW volunteers will be consulted and enlisted in implementation, continuing their much appreciated work to date.

A spokesperson from FROWBAW said:

“With this grant from the Cotswolds National Landscape and additional funding from the Town Council, we look forward to improving Becky Addy’s Ancient Woodland habitat with bird, bat and mammal boxes, learning much more about the wildlife that is there, and being equipped with some tools so that, in due course we can help carry out further work on the ground.”

Leader of the Council, Dom Newton said:

“Protection of Becky Addy Wood and areas like it is a key part of the Town Council’s strategy to address the Climate and Ecological Emergencies, and this grant, as part of the wider project, will help us to understand and protect this habitat for future generations.”

To read more about the purchase of Becky Addy Wood by the Town Council on behalf of the community, visit our previous article: https://bradfordonavontowncouncil.gov.uk/becky-addy-wood/

Photos: Lydia Booth Photography