2nd February 2022

Town Council response to Becky Addy Wood concerns

In summer 2020 a professional ecological survey identified ash dieback as a potential issue in the woods.
Since then, it has extensively spread, and work is being carefully planned to minimise damage and risk to the public.
The works will also maximise biodiversity and the on-going recovery of the woodland.
Public safety, as well as the health of trees, has been considered and no healthy trees will be removed.
In early October a tree survey was carried out which identified a number of dangerous trees.
A spokesperson for the Town Council said: “We have taken into account all of the latest guidance and science and we have been commended by one of the leading scientists undertaking the research into resistance to dieback in ash trees: “I’ve read your plan with interest – it’s a great plan, and a credit to Bradford on Avon Town Council. It’s what I would do if it (Becky Addy Wood) was in my hands”.
“Our approach is to prioritise the biodiversity in the woodland and to carry out necessary work considering the safety of people using the public footpath through the woods, which is our legal obligation.
“We have consulted with experts to take a forward-looking approach to managing the woodland.
“This will include protecting ground flora and other wildlife and carefully restocking the woodland with a wider mix of tree species so that Becky Addy Wood is ecologically more diverse and resilient.”
Pictured: Ash Dieback visible in trees at Becky Addy Wood