14th June 2022

Bradford on Avon Town Council is undertaking urgent tree work in Becky Addy Wood

Bradford on Avon Town Council is undertaking urgent work at Becky Addy Wood to ensure the safety of those enjoying the woodland.

The Town Council is legally responsible for maintaining public safety on the land it owns.

The Town Council has considered the best plan for managing ash dieback to ensure public safety and the health of the woodland.

In developing this plan, the Town Council has consulted with ecologists, arborists and scientists who have praised this innovative and environmentally sensitive approach.

The plan means that the Town Council will undertake minimal and necessary work to ensure and protect the natural value of Becky Addy Wood for future generations.

A spokesperson for Bradford on Avon Town Council said: “The Town Council will carry out tree works necessary for public safety along the footpath and the road.

“It is crucial to carry out this work as 17 trees have been identified as an immediate risk.

“The Town Council will only carry out the work now necessary to make these trees safe, which means coppicing or pollarding.

“These are recognised methods of tree management and enable the tree to regenerate where possible.

“To ensure there is no harm to wildlife, the Town Council has arranged for an ecologist to check every tree before any work is undertaken.

“Bradford on Avon Town Council has not taken this decision lightly. Having declared climate and ecological emergencies, it recognises the value of trees and the appropriate management of the ancient woodland.”