Poulton Park

Poulton Park is one of the town’s main recreation grounds and has 2 distinct spaces – a wildflower meadow and playing fields.

The playing field includes several sports pitches, a children’s play area and the newly built skatepark.

In April 2022, Bradford on Avon Town Council took over responsibility for Poulton Park from Wiltshire Council.

Since then we have started work on improving and enhancing the playing field and meadow including tree planting, introducing areas of meadow grass and wildflowers in the playing field and opening the skatepark.

We have also agreed funding to improve play opportunities across the town, starting with the Poulton Park play area.

In September 2021 we ran a public consultation at the Youth & Community Centre, asking people about how they use Poulton Park and for their thoughts and ideas for its future.

We’ve already started working on many of these ideas and would like to hear your views on some others.

Poulton Park consultation

From September to November 2023 we ran a public consultation on future improvements for Poulton Park. We are currently looking at the responses and will publish the findings shortly.

View the consultation boards:

Download the Poulton Park information boards (pdf)


We’re working with Wicksteed to redevelop Poulton Park’s play area. Alongside the Poulton Park consultation, we also asked for your views on an initial design for the play area.

We’re currently reviewing the responses and will be presenting the results shortly.

We’re also exploring other ways of enhancing the play space in addition to the more traditional play equipment.

View the initial design:


New Skatepark

In August 2023 we officially opened a new skatepark at Poulton Park. The riding surface is concrete.

If you’re coming to the skatepark from the playing field, the grass here is generally cut short. There’s a gentle slope down to or up to the skatepark, depending on which direction you’re coming from.

If you’re coming through the meadow, there are mown paths and trodden routes around the meadow. The grass alongside these paths is generally longer – and the paths in the meadow can be wet, muddy, and slippery depending on the weather and the time of year.

Information for riders & skaters

There’s information for riders and skaters on this sign. There’s a copy of this sign by the skatepark.

Getting here

There are lots of ways into Poulton Park on foot and on bike:

  • from Poulton
  • from Baileys Barn
  • and from Kennet Gardens.

The nearest car park to the skatepark is the Canal & River Trust car park at the end of Bailey’s Barn. This is a pay and display car park. Check with the Canal & River Trust for current charges.