Bradford on Avon Town Market

Our town market takes place every Thursday from 8am to 1pm at the Bridge Street (library) car park.

We know that town market is an important part of the community and gives residents and visitors the chance to pick up quality goods at great prices.

Since we took responsibility for the market in 2022, the market has thrived and is a highlight for many in the town.

By creating a diverse and appealing market, we believe it will bring people into the centre of Bradford on Avon.

If you are a fan of the market or just curious about what it offers, you can follow it on Facebook and Instagram.

Photos from the town market (pdf)

Information for traders

Payment will be collected weekly on your arrival at the Bridge Street car park.

Once the transfer from Wiltshire Council has been finalised the town council will be able setup other payment methods.

Permanent trader licences will be (£27).

New traders will be given a 10% discount (£24.50) for the first five weeks of trading. After this period traders have the option to move on to a permanent licence.

There is also a £20 charity licence all year round.

All traders will be required to provide the town council with proof of current public liability insurance.

Once your application form has been submitted and approved you will be emailed with a traders’ licence form to complete.

Market Trader Application

  • min 3x3m
  • Please upload a copy of your public liability insurance and if applicable: Food Hygiene Certificate/ TEN License

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