10th March 2023

Councillors agree to contribute £33,350 toward traffic modelling

Bradford on Avon Town Council has agreed to ask Wiltshire Council to go ahead with traffic modelling it has recommended.

Councillors voted to contribute £33,350 toward traffic modelling with the aim that the three priorities of the Future of Transport survey are central to any traffic solution.

It was also agreed that once the modelling is done, Councillors will vote on any proposed solution.

Full Council unanimously RESOLVED: to agree that the Town Council asks Wiltshire Council to go ahead with the traffic modelling for the town; with the Town Council contributing £33,350 towards the total cost of this work with the following conditions:

  • The objectives of the modelling work are to achieve (i) increased pedestrian and cyclist safety, (ii) reduced traffic volumes, (iii) improved air quality.
  • Guarantee the final decision will rest with the Town Council.
  • Reassurance that Wiltshire Council will progress the project at the earliest opportunity. 

“‘I’m really delighted that the Town Council has committed to funding £33,350 toward the cost for this work,” said Councillor Tim Trimble, Chair of Sustainable Travel Committee.

“Wiltshire Council will fund the rest and we look forward to working with them and the traffic modellers to properly evaluate possible new traffic schemes. 

“The aim is to address the three main priorities identified in last year’s Future of Transport consultation: cyclist and pedestrian safety and comfort, reduced traffic volume; and improved air quality. 

“The significant sum of money we have committed to spending is an investment in the future of the town and addresses the decades’ old problems we have endured due to traffic. 

“We also look forward to consulting with residents on the modelling results later this year, after which the Town Council will recommend our preferred scheme to Wiltshire Council.”

Councillor Trimble will write to Councillor Caroline Thomas, Wiltshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, to confirm the decision.