1st December 2020

Join the CLuB!

Clean Up Bradford on Avon (CLuB) is a thriving group of volunteers, who work in all weathers throughout the year, tidying up areas of the town which in general do not currently fall under the Town Council’s remit. We do, however, support them with tools and other equipment, communications support as well as their new branded high-vis vests!
The group meets every Monday morning, aside from during the recent lockdown periods, and targets specific areas used by pedestrians; supplementing works not always possible to be covered by the Parish Steward or Wiltshire Council Sparkle Team. 
Many of the steep hillside and park pathways are flanked by trees, or are host to water run-off channels, which result in blocked gullies and large amounts of leaf mulch which become very slippery in wet weather.
Since the pandemic has resulted in the need for people to socially distance, the group also manually remove plant materials which may act as obstacles to two persons safely passing one another, such as nettles and smaller overhanging foliage.
Wherever possible, this is done mindful of the need to preserve the balance with the lush greenery that makes Bradford on Avon such a beautiful and important haven for birds and insects. The Town Council’s Green Spaces Officer liaises regularly with the volunteers for that reason.
CLuB volunteer Sarah Murphy, who is also a member of the town’s Community Emergency Volunteers, said, as the group wheeled loaded barrows up Conigre Hill recently:

“I find doing this work really rewarding on many levels. Not only do we do something great for the community, who are so complimentary as they pass by, but also it’s much better than any gym membership!

You work outdoors, stay active and make friends with others in the group. It’s such a great way to start each week and I can’t help thinking there must be so many people sitting at home wishing they had company who would find this rewarding!”

The group currently numbers around ten people of various ages on each session, which is split into groups to ensure adherence to current Covid-19 guidance. 
As the current lockdown restrictions are easing, the group plan to recommence work from Monday 7th December, so if you are physically fit, available on Monday mornings and interested in joining CLuB, you can get in touch with them via their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CleanUpBoA. Alternatively, contact the Town Council and we will put you in touch. 
Cllr Emma Franklin, Chair of the Town Council’s Community and Recreation Committee said:

“Thank goodness we have Clean Up Bradford on Avon volunteers, making sure that very well traversed pathways (even more so at the present time!) remain clear for people to use. 

A great example of their work was the constant puddle at Barton Farm that they recently drained by inserting a ditch running down into the river.  Life has to go on and this group is testament to the resilience of this town. Well done CLuB – we salute you!”

Photos Lydia Booth Photography (exc. new CLuB vest images courtesy of CLuB’s Facebook page)

More photos on the Town Council’s Facebook Page HERE